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Tires: Understanding the types of Tires will help you make the right Tire choice

When making the right tire choice, it is important to understand the types of tires that are out there. Based on their applications, tire can be categorized into the following: Tires for Cars and Minivans, Tires for Trucks and SUV's, and Winter Tires. For cars and Minivans, Passenger Tires are the most cost effective while Premium Tires offer a lower cost-per-mile and longer wear on the road.


  1. Passenger Tires: Smooth ride, longer wear.
  2. Touring Tires: Luxury Ride, Performance Handling.
  3. Performance Tires: Good Looks, Great Traction.
  4. High Performance Tires: Performance Plus Style
  5. Ultra High Performance Tires: World-class Handling. TIRES FOR
For Trucks and SUV's, All Purpose (AP) Tires are stock on most these days because they offer smooth and quiet rides and have good all-season traction.
  1. AP Tires: Quiet Ride, All-season Traction.
  2. Sport Truck Tires: Sports Car Handling.
  3. All Terrain Tires: At Home On and Off Road.
  4. Mud Terrain Tires: A serious Off Road Traction Tire. WINTER TIRES:
    Because technology has grown immensely in recent decades, winter tires are far more advanced and provide many different features. They are built for many conditions including rain, freezing rain, slush, snow, and ice and still have the ability to drive well on dry roads. Without winter tires in serious weather conditions, one may find themselves in unsafe situations which affect the safety of everyone on the roads.
Wheel Alignments at A-OK Auto & Tire Centre in Oakville

When it comes to wheel alignment, not everyone is sure what exactly it is and how it impacts your driving. Wheel alignments ensure all your wheels are operating parallel with one another and that the tires are meeting the road at the correct angle in sync with each other. When an alignment is done on your vehicle, it ensures that they are calibrated to 'point' straight ahead. Because the roads in Canada are subjected to many different conditions, all the bumps, curbs, and pot holes affect a cars integrity and alignment. The change in alignment can be so gradual that you won't even notice it at first. But after a while you may start to notice that when attempting to drive straight, you will actually start veering right or left. Finding the first signs that your alignment is off will start with the tread pattern on your tire. There will be an uneven wear pattern that will shorten the tires' life significantly. Consequently, you are in need of an alignment. By getting an alignment, you will reduce road friction which will increase fuel mileage, prevent tire wear, and improve your car handling. Wheel alignments should be done every 30,000 miles, and at A-OK we use the latest technology to asses your vehicles alignment and ensure that the proper adjustments have been made. Call us to book and alignment or ask us any related questions.

Automobile Air Conditioning and Diagnosis

Driving during the summer without air conditioning is quite uncomfortable. At some point everyone has had their left arm burnt from the sun when the window is all the way down. Bring your car to A-OK to get cooled down this year. When you car a/c isn't working properly it can affect other functions of your car such as compressor damage and the expansion valves and seals. When it comes to air conditioning problems, it can be a number of different things. A-OK in Oakville specializes in car a/c repair and will make sure that you're driving cool all summer.

Signs that your car air conditioning has problems:

  1. An abnormal noise or vibration when your car air conditioning fan is on.
  2. Your carpet gets wet instead of the pavement when you have your car air conditioning on. Come by A-OK Auto & Tire Oakville and our technicians will solve your car air conditioning problems.
Brakes for Cars, Trucks and SUV's at A-OK Auto & Tire Centre in Oakville

When it comes to safety, your brakes are one of the most important aspects of your car. Every day in traffic, someone in front of you will slam on their brakes, and in order to avoid a terrible accident, you pray that your brakes will perform at their best. We constantly use our brakes and after a year or so, the wear and tear on them is very high. At A-OK we know every corner of your braking system and suggest a yearly brake inspection to make sure that yours are up to standards and will stop when you need them to. We make sure that your brakes are equalized so that you are less likely to have to car pull left or right or skid on icy roads. If you notice your brakes squealing or grinding, or if the brake pedal is hard or soft, you should bring your vehicle by and let us have a look. You can never be too safe when it comes to your brakes.

Tune Ups and Car Maintenance for Cars, Trucks and SUV's

Tune-ups are one of those services that many drivers are unsure of. It is just assumed that when something is wrong with your vehicle, you will get it fixed. However, tune-ups mean getting ahead of the game. Along with providing preventative maintenance, tune-ups are done to identify any problems that your vehicle may encounter. Your vehicle is one big machine that is powered by many smaller components, all of which should be checked during a tune-up (ie: breakage, leaks, and wear), which should be done every 30,000 miles. The newer your car, the longer it can go without a tune-up, but a yearly tune-up is highly recommended. Tune-ups will make the engine easier to start, restore lost power, lower emissions, and improve gas mileage. With yearly tune-ups, your vehicle will run better and have a longer life.

Automotive Engine Diagnostics & Auto Electrical System Service and Repair

AUTO ELECTRICAL SYSTEM REPAIR: The electrical systems in our cars have become much more intricate in recent years. Each electrical system has a certain task and there are many that have to be accounted for when checking a vehicles electric system. The electrical system in your car powers everything from the radio to your ignition, the headlights to fuel systems, and everything in between. On the other hand, the engine powers the electrical system. When you need to repair your electrical system, there are three major components that have to be inspected – the battery, the starter, the alternator. Everything from your turn signals to the engine computer is powered by the battery and alternator.

ENGINE DIAGNOSTICS: Today, cars are pretty much computers on wheels. When an engine diagnostic is performed on your vehicle, the software on our end communicates with your car's computer to find out what's wrong. So if your car won't start, isn't running properly, or if the 'check engine' light is on, you basically need to have a conversation with your car to find out what the problem is. Our technicians use the latest in engine diagnostic equipment to identify the issues and inform you of the efficient options you have. If you think there's something wrong with your vehicle, let us run a diagnostic to give you peace of mind.

Automotive Exhaust System / Muffler Service & Repair

Have you ever started your car, only to hear the sound of a jet engine coming out of your muffler, but no speed to match it? Or have you heard that "clunk clunk" out of your exhaust system? These sounds are your first hint that repairs are needed for your muffler/exhaust. A noisy muffler can be very annoying and is very bad for the environment. The exhaust system is responsible for keeping harmful emissions to a minimal and when it's broken, it's not doing the job right. Normal wear and tear, tied with condensation in the exhaust flow will result in a much needed repair or replacement of the muffler and exhaust system pipes; and the guys at A-OK know exactly how to fix it. When fixed, the system will be much quieter and will effectively funnel the toxic fumes away from your cars' interior. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has standards when it comes to emissions, and these repairs are necessary in order to keep your vehicle up to date with those standards. Our highly trained technicians at A-OK Oakville will test and ensure that your exhaust and muffler repairs meet the proper requirements of the EPA.

Transmission Repair & Service

Your vehicles' transmission is on the most dreaded repairs you can think of. Majority of transmission problems start small and gradually get worse over time. The problems are overlooked all the time by car owners, so it is important to understand that repairing your transmission early on, or having it looked at, will reduce the future money you will spend on getting it fixed. Over long periods of time there is a lot of wear and tear on your transmission, and by having it checked yearly, you can add many years to the life of your car. The point is – be very proactive with your transmission and it will save you lots of money in the long-run. For transmissions, our services include: manual transmission repairs, automatic transmission repairs, transmission band adjustments, non-electrical diagnosis, electrical diagnosis, and transmission fluid changes. We use up-to-date machinery and technology for all transmission repairs and services and make sure that you and your vehicle are looked after.

Rust Proofing Automotive Service

The value of rust proofing is in the additional years you get to drive your vehicle. Many drivers believe that rust proofing you car is a waste of time. But a lot of people don't know that it doesn't just protect the body of your car. It also protects the mechanical parts like the electrical connections, the air conditioner lines, the brake cables, and the gas tank. With rust protection you minimize the amount you will spend on repairs and you'll increase the resale value of your car. Without rust proofing, your vehicle is subject to corrosion which results from humidity, moisture, and a lot of road salt during the winter season. The best time to get a rust proofing is during the warmer months of the year. The reason is because metals are malleable when heated and will soak up the rust proofing product better than when cold out. If you haven't gotten your vehicle rust proofed yet, we highly suggest that you bring it in and let us have a go at it. We use the most advanced rust proofing system which is called Rustblock and is very effective on new cars, used cars, and even cars that already have rust on them. With A-OK Auto & Tire Oakville you will save tons of money on future electrical, corrosion, and body repairs.

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